How does Codeflow work?

Codeflow is the Powerpoint for code. In each slide, you can highlight portions of code and add markdown with it. Codeflow stores all your tutorials for your organization, so engineering onboarding becomes painless.

What about the security of my repository?

We don't store any code on our servers and permissions are derived directly from Github/Gitlab. We also offer a self-hosted version via Docker container, which you can firewall as needed. Contact us here for more information.

How is Codeflow different than having READMEs/Wikis?

READMEs, Confluence, etc capture high level details but not low-level underestanding. We've found that newly onboarded engineers need to be going through the codebase to start contributing. Usually, this process involves sitting with someone familiar with the codebase. By preparing tutorials ahead of time, we make the onboarding process much faster.

How much does this cost?

Making your first 3 tutorials per repository is free. After that, we charge $29/month for up-to 10 tutorials. If you need more than that or want to discuss your use-case, feel free to email us!

I have a question that's not here

Great! We'd love to answer it. Send us an email and we'll get back to you right away!